Tải game android bắn bóng miễn phí hay đấy

Mad Freebording is a skating game featuring the new sport Freebording. It feels like snowboarding the streets. This game offers over 30 missions on 18 levels, large variety of clothes and items, realistic levels and pure fun. Ride, level up, improve your skills, customize your clothes and get involved with the world of freebording! This game is the successor of Freebord The Game.

Try this game for FREE on your PC: http://www.freebord-game.com/MadFreebording/

Mad Freebording(Snowboarding)FMad Freebording(Snowboarding)FMad Freebording(Snowboarding)FMad Freebording(Snowboarding)FMad Freebording(Snowboarding)FMad Freebording(Snowboarding)FMad Freebording(Snowboarding)FMad Freebording(Snowboarding)F


Tải về game android vui nhộn Glide – Video Texting cực đỉnh

The app everyone’s talking about is now on Android!

★ Featured in the New York Times + Wall Street Journal ★

Send + receive private video messages 1-on-1 or in huge groups… insanely fast, unlimited + 100% free!

FASTER THAN MESSAGING – Send instant video messages with just a tap. No uploading or downloading!
EASIER THAN VIDEO CHAT – No need to make sure friends are available or wait until they answer to start talking.
COOLER THAN TEXTING – Would you rather text about going to the beach or show yourself at the beach? Exactly!


• One tap to broadcast video messages instantly – simple!
• Send video messages to friends any time, even if they’re offline
• No uploading / downloading
• Works great on 3G and wifi
• Half the data usage of video chat
• Chat in huge groups of unlimited size
• Send + receive as many messages as you want – unlimited!
• Messages are stored in cloud so don’t take up space on your phone
• Rewatch videos whenever you want
• Chat with friends on Android + iPhone
• 100% FREE!

This is an early version of Glide, so it’s still a little buggy and rough around the edges. Please bear with us while we make it better 🙂

Glide is currently only available for Facebook users. Other signup options coming soon…

Facebook: fb.com/glideme
Twitter: @glideapp
Tumblr: glideapp.tumblr.com/

Glide - Video TextingGlide - Video TextingGlide - Video TextingGlide - Video Texting

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Tải về máy game android The Tribloos 2 miễn phí 100%

****** The highly anticipated mobile version of the hit time management game
The Tribloos 2 ********

Trey and the gang return with an exciting new story!

Terrible storms are approaching and Matilda, Trey’s Dragon friend, is
getting very tired of blowing them away each time. Trey and his friends
Brainy and Tuff decide to do something about it and go on a journey to find
out who’s behind these storms once and for all.

You’ll travel far away from Tribloo Island, visiting exotic new locations,
above the clouds, beneath the oceans and also get to pilot a Tribloo
Airship! Uncover the mystery of strange devices left over from an ancient
civilization and save your home.

Tribloos 2 features 75 brand new campaign levels, 5 completely different
bonus levels and if you’re bonkers for building you’ll love the 15
additional challenge levels!

Time Management Mayhem at its best!

***** Reviews for The Tribloos 2 (PC Version) *****

IndieStatik – It’s like they know all of my weaknesses, brewed them in a pot
and when dipping the prongs in they pulled out these two games. And the
stupid thing is I like them.

Gamezebo – Tribloos 2 is a refreshing change of pace for time management fans.

JayIsGames – The Tribloos 2 is a casual simulation game done right. By
dropping the well-tread overhead perspective and focusing on a few refined
gameplay elements, it sticks to the basics and does them very, very well.

AllAboutCasualGame – The Trbiloos 2 is a cute, entertaining and unique
family-fun Time Management/Builder game – there is nothing to complain
about. Do not be mistaken and look at it as another kiddie arcade-type game
because the game is worth far more than that, try it and you will be in love
with The Tribloos!!!

CasualGameGuides – I was more than pleasantly surprised to discover the
intricate and totally unique time management play that is Tribloos 2.

ScottishGeeks – Do not let the simple tutorial levels put you off playing
this game. Persevere and you will find an oddly addictive, strangely
compelling title that you will come back to again and again.

***** Features and stuff *****

Here are a few things that we think are cool about The Tribloos 2

a. 75 Campaign Levels
b. 5 Unique Bonus Levels
c. 15 Challenge Levels
d. Over 20 minutes of original music!
e. Amazing painted artwork by talented game artist veteran John Dunn

***** 5 Reasons why you should get The Tribloos 2:*****

1 – You don’t need to play the first ONE to play this one (trust me, it’s
much better looking!)
2 – It was made by TWO (point five) country bumpkins in England
3 – The Tribloos 2 will make you THREE times more intelligent *
4 – FOUR Point Five stars (out of Five) is the average rating by review
sites (for the PC version anyway)
5 – If you don’t believe us check out the FIVE review quotes at the bottom
of the description!

* – we lied about number three. But it does help teach the awesome “science”
of critical path management!

The Tribloos 2The Tribloos 2The Tribloos 2The Tribloos 2The Tribloos 2The Tribloos 2The Tribloos 2The Tribloos 2The Tribloos 2The Tribloos 2The Tribloos 2The Tribloos 2

Tải về game Mr Bomy Adventure miễn phí

Ông Bomy phiêu lưu là một trò chơi bóng dựa trên vật lý 3D tuyệt vời mà sẽ kiểm soát một anh hùng dễ thương trong hình dạng của quả bóng.
Một kết hợp của arcade game hành động, trong đó định nghĩa lại thể loại đá cẩm thạch cổ điển và trò chơi labirynth.
Cuộn, nhảy và né tránh bằng cách nghiêng điện thoại của bạn, khám phá 4 khu vực tuyệt vời và chi tiết bao gồm 20 cấp độ + 5 tiền thưởng mini-game, nơi bạn có để thách thức Boss (King Maestade).
Nó sẽ được dễ dàng? Mức được làm đầy với bẫy, nguy hiểm, các câu đố và kẻ thù khác nhau nằm rải rác ở tất cả các khu vực đã sẵn sàng để dừng lại. Mục đích? Lưu tất cả bạn bè của bạn Maestade King đã bị bắt cóc và trở về nhà.
Hãy sẵn sàng cho tất cả điều này?

Các tính năng:
– 20 cấp độ thú vị trong 4 lĩnh vực + 5 vui chơi mini-game
– Đồ họa 3D
– Vật lý thời gian thực
– Top-Down Xem kiểm soát hoàn hảo
– Kiểm soát dựa trên gia tốc
– Original Soundtrack
– Hỗ trợ cho các thiết bị HD và Tablet

Mr Bomy AdventureMr Bomy AdventureMr Bomy AdventureMr Bomy AdventureMr Bomy Adventure

Free Download: http://vtcgame.mobi

Tải về Shadow Dash MS cho android ứng dụng pro

Awesome dashboards and data logging for your MegaSquirt by EFI Analytics

MegaSquirt dashboards and data logging from the creators of TunerStudio MS and MegaLogViewer. Shadow Dash MS provides not only mobile logging via your Android phone or tablet, the dashboards you have appreciated with TunerStudio have been brought to your Android phone or tablet as well.

Android dashboards and data logging with style. Opens 4 landscape and portrait dashboards that you can quickly swipe between. Use the included dashboards, or create your own in TunerStudio MS. Your dashboards look is limited only by your imagination!

MegaSquirt, GPS, Accelerometer, compass data and more is all pulled together for display on any gauge you choose and data logged for later review in MegaLogViewer.

So now you have Speedometer, Altitude, location and G Force data instantly available for display and logging!

– TunerStudio Dashboard Style and flexibility
– Automatic controller detection for all MegaSquirt MS1 MS2 and MS3 firmwares
– Automatic controller detection for Monster EFI
– Runs on you Android Phone or Tablet
– MSL format data logging
– Save & load Tune data with normal msq files
– Slide between 4 Dashboards that are open at all times
– Android Sensor data (GPS, Accelerometer, Magnetic, etc)
– Additional enhanced Data fields generated by Shadow Dash for additional analysis
– HUD Mode

*RS232 to Bluetooth adapter required for communication with you controller. Find Bluetooth adapters per-configured and ready to use at tunerstudio.com

Shadow Dash MSShadow Dash MSShadow Dash MSShadow Dash MSShadow Dash MSShadow Dash MSShadow Dash MS

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Tải về themes [Full HD] Kitty in the Window cho android

Atom theme starts supporting of Full HD! The first FULL HD Theme of Atom!
The theme is to make you feel high resolution of Full HD.
This is a chance that can appreciate a delicate work of Illustrator Anyung!

A Kitty gazes out of a window with a lovely and adorable look.
Feel the adorable look closely with FULL HD.

Illustrator Anyung
Selected prize, 2005.07 Baskin Robbins calendar contest.
Selected prize, 2010.03 T-shirts design contest.
Selected prize, 2010 Korea woman art exhibition in the category of western painting.
Worked, 2011 Character work of a Chuka club.
Participated, 2011 Ssamzielove zenana craft fair.
Participated, 2011 Firefly in the brook Fair with team. (Gallery Sky Yeon)
Worked, 2011 Character work of Valsarea cosmetic.
Worked, 2012 Illusts of the art t-shirts company.
Introduced, 2012 Korean art publishing agency’s a monthly illust newspaper.

***Main Features:
– Exclusive Widgets: Clock, Memo Calendar, Contact, Settings and Search Bar
– Gestures: Pinch, Double Touch, Slide, Long-Touch
– Smart Folder: Ability to add folders on ALL apps and the ‘Home’ screen, flexible sizing
– Dock Bar: Access up to 20 of your favorite apps instantly, includes an ‘Emotional’ Filter Effect, Screen settings, and opacity adjustments.
– Multi-Wallpaper: Automatically switch between 3-24 different wallpapers when the display is turned on/off
– Deep Customization: ‘Point Colors’ are completely adjustable and modify the look and feel of Widgets, Menu, Guides, or Icons.
– Live Background: Brings your background into the 21st century – beautiful dynamic backgrounds
– Wide-Ranging Theme Support: Supports existing SSKIN and GO launching themes

***Main Points:
– High Quality: Optimized for Ice Cream Sandwich / Jellybean (Android ICS/JB 4.0.2 onwards)
– Light & Easy: Options instantly selectable through a light and easy launcher interface
– Stylish: Stylish UI with beautiful backgrounds, icons, and custom color schemes from professional designers
– Smart: Themes are optimized automatically for ICS and existing launchers such as SSKIN and GO are completely supported
– Fun: Offers fun, interactive themes with live, beautiful backgrounds and widgets

– Available from Android OS version 4.0.2 and above
– Requires 10 MB space to save theme resources
– To enhance usability, installed theme doesn’t appear
– Not available for Tab Devices (Extra-Large Screen)
– Badges: Display missed call, unread messages (ATOM only supports default apps on your Android device, does not support device-specific functions)
– Due to resolution issues, service is currently stopped on “Optimus View”

*** Customer Support
Please leave reviews or comments. Your review is appreciated and we read every one.
For more information or support, please visit
– Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/Atom.Home

[Full HD] Kitty in the Window[Full HD] Kitty in the Window[Full HD] Kitty in the Window[Full HD] Kitty in the Window[Full HD] Kitty in the Window

Free theme tại: http://vtcgame.mobi

Tải game Chú cá tham ăn cho điện thoại java – vtcgame.mobi

Bạn trong vai 1 chú cá rất tham ăn, chú đánh chén mọi con cá bé bằng hay bé hơn mình. Ăn nhanh chóng lớn, và chú cá của bạn càng lớn lên thì sẽ càng ăn được nhiều loài cá hơn! Nhưng hãy cẩn thận nhé, bạn không thể lớn hơn cá mập được đâu.

Dùng các phím di chuyển lên, xuống, trái, phải để di chuyển.

Game có 4 cấp độ: Dễ, Trung bình, Khó, Rất khó. Với cấp độ khó cao hơn, tốc độ trung bình của các con cá sẽ tăng lên (trừ bạn).

Game chỉ có tại http://vtcgame.mobi