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Tải game PickUp the Star về máy miễn phí 100%

“Players” site strongly recommend: the most anticipated physics-based puzzler in this year.

“Pick Up the Star “is a challenging physics-based puzzler complete with its landmark creativity and unique level. To be successful, you need to be clever and keen intuition. Various kinds of ingenious level design and distinctive originality solution fully display the vivid and interesting physical world.

“PickUp the Star” is created meticulously by the camellia studio for one year. During the time, guys together go through kinds of mill with sweat. Although we have to work from dawn to night daily, we never hold back and complain. To build a recreational game, it is worth paying more cost and sweat. When friends are intoxicated with experience of the game demo, it seems we have already seen the happy smile of players. Passing the tense developed stage,we look back the time and hear the sound of girlfriend’s complaint. To be honest, during this period we really owe them a lot and devote ourselves to the game, then hope to have game selling. Like this, we will get more time to accompany them.

【Key Features】
★ Innovative physics game
★ Puzzle developmental gameplay
★ Graceful graphics
★ Easy accessible

【Special thanks】
Media: MIX

PickUp the StarPickUp the StarPickUp the StarPickUp the StarPickUp the StarPickUp the StarPickUp the StarPickUp the StarPickUp the StarPickUp the StarPickUp the StarPickUp the StarPickUp the StarPickUp the StarPickUp the Star


Tải game android offline Candy Play miễn phí 100%

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The sweetest puzzle game has arrived! Are you ready for a non-stop puzzle challenge? Join the tastiest adventure today!

“Candy Play” provides a new way to play the puzzle game! With the incredibly handy and addictive game design, this game can give you hours of rollicking and thrilling fun!

Sweet Features:

Candy Play is the fun & addictive candy-matching game you’ll ever play! Clear 3 or more candies as fast as you can in just 60 seconds by tapping on the chocolate bar. It can be easily played with one hand!

Playing with your friends with more fun! Challenge your friends or the world to beat your score in weekly leaderboards! Let’s see who will be the champion today!

Level up and get rewarded with secret items! There are different tasks and hidden items throughout the game to make it even sweeter!

Lovely graphics, special effects and background music will feast your eyes and ears! They can simply enhance your gaming experience!

Keep you updated on our new games and campaigns!

Candy PlayCandy PlayCandy PlayCandy PlayCandy Play