Tải về máy game android bắn súng Way of the Dogg miễn phí

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There is trouble on the street and your weapon’s the beat!

Listen up, student: everyone has a heartbeat. For some it’s the pursuit of money, others are driven by power, and there are many more beats that are less… Clear. All those rhythms, they overlap but the noise of the city doesn’t matter to America Jones. America cares about two things… his woman and the fight. He was the best fighter in the city; everyone knew that but then one night, everything changed.

Hell bent on revenge, America comes to the Temple to train with Snoop Dogg. Finding the way means finding the beat that drives the fight, in order to revenge Sierra and bring peace to this troubled city… and that is why you are here. Train as AJ, pick a side, take your chances and find the way: The Way of the Dogg.

Way of the Dogg is a brutal, rhythm-action combat adventure, set to Snoop Dogg’s music. Each level is a fresh fight against a different character in a new location defined by a Snoop Dogg track. As AJ, fight your way through 14 levels, each a superbly choreographed beat-matched fight, set to Snoop’s music, including ‘Who am I?’, ‘Gz and Hustlas’ and ’10 Lil Crips’ to name but a few. Go head-to head with friends in multiplayer rhythm battles and follow Snoop’s lead in the Temple Tutorials. Train with Snoop, pick a side, take your chances and find the way: The Way of the Dogg.

Way of the DoggWay of the DoggWay of the DoggWay of the DoggWay of the DoggWay of the DoggWay of the DoggWay of the DoggWay of the DoggWay of the DoggWay of the DoggWay of the Dogg


Tải về themes [Full HD] Kitty in the Window cho android

Atom theme starts supporting of Full HD! The first FULL HD Theme of Atom!
The theme is to make you feel high resolution of Full HD.
This is a chance that can appreciate a delicate work of Illustrator Anyung!

A Kitty gazes out of a window with a lovely and adorable look.
Feel the adorable look closely with FULL HD.

Illustrator Anyung
Selected prize, 2005.07 Baskin Robbins calendar contest.
Selected prize, 2010.03 T-shirts design contest.
Selected prize, 2010 Korea woman art exhibition in the category of western painting.
Worked, 2011 Character work of a Chuka club.
Participated, 2011 Ssamzielove zenana craft fair.
Participated, 2011 Firefly in the brook Fair with team. (Gallery Sky Yeon)
Worked, 2011 Character work of Valsarea cosmetic.
Worked, 2012 Illusts of the art t-shirts company.
Introduced, 2012 Korean art publishing agency’s a monthly illust newspaper.

***Main Features:
– Exclusive Widgets: Clock, Memo Calendar, Contact, Settings and Search Bar
– Gestures: Pinch, Double Touch, Slide, Long-Touch
– Smart Folder: Ability to add folders on ALL apps and the ‘Home’ screen, flexible sizing
– Dock Bar: Access up to 20 of your favorite apps instantly, includes an ‘Emotional’ Filter Effect, Screen settings, and opacity adjustments.
– Multi-Wallpaper: Automatically switch between 3-24 different wallpapers when the display is turned on/off
– Deep Customization: ‘Point Colors’ are completely adjustable and modify the look and feel of Widgets, Menu, Guides, or Icons.
– Live Background: Brings your background into the 21st century – beautiful dynamic backgrounds
– Wide-Ranging Theme Support: Supports existing SSKIN and GO launching themes

***Main Points:
– High Quality: Optimized for Ice Cream Sandwich / Jellybean (Android ICS/JB 4.0.2 onwards)
– Light & Easy: Options instantly selectable through a light and easy launcher interface
– Stylish: Stylish UI with beautiful backgrounds, icons, and custom color schemes from professional designers
– Smart: Themes are optimized automatically for ICS and existing launchers such as SSKIN and GO are completely supported
– Fun: Offers fun, interactive themes with live, beautiful backgrounds and widgets

– Available from Android OS version 4.0.2 and above
– Requires 10 MB space to save theme resources
– To enhance usability, installed theme doesn’t appear
– Not available for Tab Devices (Extra-Large Screen)
– Badges: Display missed call, unread messages (ATOM only supports default apps on your Android device, does not support device-specific functions)
– Due to resolution issues, service is currently stopped on “Optimus View”

*** Customer Support
Please leave reviews or comments. Your review is appreciated and we read every one.
For more information or support, please visit
– Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/Atom.Home

[Full HD] Kitty in the Window[Full HD] Kitty in the Window[Full HD] Kitty in the Window[Full HD] Kitty in the Window[Full HD] Kitty in the Window

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Tải game android offline Escape From Paradise miễn phí – vtcgame.mobi

Escape From Paradise – Chơi nấm v&agrave; cố gắng để c&oacute; được ra khỏi thi&ecirc;n đường. Android tr&ograve; chơi m&agrave; trong đ&oacute; bạn cần phải vượt qua mọi trở ngại để vượt qua tất cả c&aacute;c cấp độ trong game v&agrave; họ c&oacute; nhiều hơn 30 miếng. V&agrave; để chơi tốt hơn đ&atilde; được cung cấp cho một loạt c&aacute;c trang phục cho anh h&ugrave;ng của bạn. <br />
Cho Android 2.3 <br />
upload: vtcgame.mobi <br />
K&iacute;ch thước: 35121KB<br /><a href="http://vtcgame.mobi/m-tai-game-android-offline-escape-from-paradise-mien-phi-8413.html">Tải game android offline về máy.apk</a><br />