Tải về máy ứng dụng Podcast Addict miễn phí

With Podcast Addict, manage all your audio & video Podcasts from your Android device.
Subscribe to your favorite podcasts using the embedded networks (5by5, ABC, AfterBuzz TV, BBC, CBC, Channel 9 (MSDN), CNN, ESPN, FrogPants, LibriVox, NPR, Revision3, Smodcast, Twit, …).
You can also import your podcasts subscriptions from an iTunes or Google Reader OPML export file, or use the embedded search engine to browse Podcasts Addict database (Podcasts available in a lot of different languages).

Finally you can also copy and paste your podcasts RSS feeds in order to subscribe.

The app displays a small ad banner at the bottom of the screen.
If you want to support Podcast Addict and/or disable the ad banner, you can buy ‘Podcast Addict – Donate’ app

• minimal permission requirement
• manage Audio & Video podcasts
• support both download & streaming
• automatic update
• automatic download
• automatic deletion
• podcasts search engine (thousands of podcasts available in different languages)
• audio player with resume feature
• variable playback speed available for Android 4.1+
• playlist
• widgets
• lock screen widgets (Android 4.0+ only)
• sleep timer
• virtual podcasts (handle a folder content as a podcast)
• TOP 25 most successful podcasts
• OPML import (iTunes, Google Reader, …)
• OPML export
• comments download feature
• episode & podcast sharing
• episode filters & search engine
• can be controlled by task automation apps like Tasker or AutomateIT through Intents
• …

Available networks:
• Chinese: HK Reporter
• English: 5by5, ABC, AfterBuzz TV, Al Jazeera, BBC, CBC, Channel 9 (MSDN), CNN, ESPN, FrogPants, LibriVox, NPR, Revision3, Smodcast, The Guardian, Twit, WFMU
• French: BadGeek, Bepod, BFM TV, College de France, Europe1, Freepod, JeuxVideo.com, NoWatch, Radio Campus Paris, Radio Canada, Radio France, Radio01.net, RFI, RMC, RTBF, RTL, RTS, SynopsLive
• German: Deutsche Welle, DRadio Wissen, ORF, SRF, WDR
• Italian: Radio24, Rai Radio 1, Rai Radio 2, Rai Radio 3
• Portuguese: BAND, CBN, RTP, TSF
• Spanish: Cadena SER, RTVE

Upcoming features:
• New UI optimized for tablets
• Podcast recommendation feature
• Download manager
• Internal video player


Version 1.17.4

• [New] Intent to trigger podcast update from Tasker and AutomateIt apps (Settings/FAQ)
• [Fix] Random player crash
• [Fix] Episode name retrieval in case of virtual podcasts


Version 1.17.3

 • [New] Online FAQ (Settings/FAQ)
 • [New] Control Podcast Addict from 3rd parties apps (Tasker, AutomateIt) using Intents (Settings/FAQ)
 • [Fix] High pitch issue when variable playback speed is enabled on some Podcasts
 • [Fix] Delete button not appearing anymore for virtual podcast episodes
 • [Fix] Some virtual podcast episodes weren’t playing because of special character in their file name


Version 1.17.2

• [New] Episodes can be deleted from the playlist context menu
• [New] Long press on an episode to copy its url to the clipboard
• [New] Playlist duration can be displayed (Option menu)
• [New] Episodes can be deleted from the playlist context menu
• [Improved] Episode type (audio/video) detection with invalid Rss content
• [Improved] Podcast thumbnail retrieval and display
• [Fix] Switch back to default player when variable playback speed failed
• [Fix] Downloader to avoid truncating episode files

Version 1.17.1

• [Fix] Variable playback speed issues

Version 1.17

• [New] Variable playback speed available for Android 4.1+ (define default speed in the Settings)
• [Fix] Sound issues on Samsung devices
• [Fix] Download issues

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